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E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M | OMRON E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M Proximity Sensors
Brand: OMRON
Name: Proximity Sensors
Model: E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M
Size: M8(Stainless steel)(See note 2.); Single; Shielded.
Sensing distance: 1.5 mm.
Connecting method (See note 1.): Pre-wired.
Body length: Long.
Output configuration: PNP.
Operation mode NC.
A new generation in global applications.

Appearance: Shielded, M18.
Sensing distance: 4 mm.
Output configuration: DC 2-wire, (1)-(4) pin arrangement.
Model: Operation mode, NO.
Chip-immune Inductive.
Proximity Sensor.
Correct operation even with aluminum or iron chips sticking,
to the Sensor.
Only the sensing object is detected.
Pre-wired Smartclick Connector Models also available OMRON E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M. Appearance: Close mounting E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M
Sensing method: Throughbeam type(with slot).
Connecting method: Connector(4 poles).
Sensing distance: 5 mm (slot width).
Output configuration: Dark-ON/Light-ON (selectable).
Indicator mode: No incident light.
Model: NPN output.
Global Standard Slot-type.
photomicrosensors with 50- to,
100-mA direct switching capacity OMRON E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M.
Series includes models that enable switching between,
dark-ON and light-ON operation.
Response frequency as high as 1 kHz.
Easy operation monitoring with bright light indicator.
Wide operating voltage range: 5 to 24 VDC.
Models in which the light indicator turns ON for dark-ON,
operation are also available.
A wide range of variations in eight different shapes.
Flexible robot cable is provided as a standard feature OMRON E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M. Power supply: DC.
Output type: NPN.
High-accuracy Detection of Metal Workpiece Displacement.
Sensor Heads support a wide variety of applications.
Linearity can be adjusted for non-ferrous metals,
such as SUS and aluminum, using the material selection function E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M OMRON.
Simple linearity compensation (teaching).
Easily perform calculation for two Sensors by using a Calculating Unit E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M OMRON.
Prevent mutual interference for up to five Units by using a Calculating Unit. Item: Analog output.
Functions: Analog output.
Model: PNP output.
Variable Laser Beam for Spot, Line, or Area Detection.
Long-distance detection ((diffuse reflective: 1 m, retro-reflective: 7 m) E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M OMRON E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M.
Beam shape selectable from spot, line, and area types to match various applications.
Adjustable spot diameter.
Adjustable optical axis.
The E3DC-LDA0, which supports the EtherCAT Sensor OMRON E2B-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M.
Communications Unit and the CompoNet Sensor.
Communications Unit, is also included in product lineup.

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