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C500-CE243 OMRON C500-CE243
Brand: OMRON
Name: Applicable Connector
Model: C500-CE243
Model: C500-CE243.
Connection : Pressure welded.

Name: External Connector.
Model: C500-CE404.
Specifications: Solder terminal; 40p and a Connector Cover (Horizontal-type).I/O capacity: 512 pts (2, 048 max. with remote I/O).
Execution time: Basic: 0.15 µs min.Special: 0.6 µs min.
C500-OD I/O Unit Transistor Output 32 pts C500-OD415CN(3G2A5-OD415CN) OMRON C500-CE243.
DC12~48V 0.3A.Model: C500-BC031(3G2A5-BC031).
3 slots(3 linkable slots) C500-CE243
C500-AD/3G2A5-AD Special I/O Unit Analog Input C500-AD007(3G2A5-AD007).
Input: 4 pts.
Specification: 0~+10V.Model : CVM1-CPU21-V2.
Ladder only 2, 048 (with RAM62K word, higher internal link).C500-OD I/O Unit Transistor Output 16 pts C500-OD215(3G2A5-OD215).
DC24V 50mA.The unit comes with coaxial type OMRON C500-CE243. C500-GP Accessory Peripheral Devices (GPC) Graphic Programming Console C500-GPC03-E.Model: C500-BC082(3G2A5-BC082).
8 slots(5 linkable slots).
Model: C500-BC091(3G2A5-BC091).
8 slots(6 linkable slots).
NO. OF I/O SLOTS: 8 SLOTSC500-OA I/O Unit Triac Output 16 pts C500-OA226.
AC250V 1.2A.Supply voltage: 100 to 120 or 200 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output capacity: DC5V, 6.5AModel : CVM1D-PA212 OMRON C500-CE243.
Attach two things in the same format in each base Please you.C1000H-CP CPU 62 k words 1024 pts C1000H-CPU01-V1.Model : CVM1D-BI101.
10-slot.I/O Control UnitCV500-BS CPU Bus Unit BASIC Unit CV500-BSC41.
RS-232C: 2 ports.
Centronics: 1 port.
(w/EEPROM).C500-DA/3G2A5-DA Special I/O Unit Analog Output C500-DA005(3G2A5-DA005).
Output: 2 pts.
Specification: -5~+5V.I/O Terminal Cover For 38-pin block, special type 3G2A5-COV11CV500-MR Memory PC Unit RAM Disk Board 2MB memory CV500-MR261.CV500-BS CPU Bus Unit BASIC Unitt CV500-BSC11 C500-CE243.
RS-232C: 2 ports, RS-422: 1 port.C500-DU I/O Unit C500 Blank Slot Spacer C500-DUM01.C1000HF-CPUA1 Omron Programmable Control CPU C1000HF-CPUA1-V1.Model: C500-CPU11-EV1.
C500-CP CPU CPU MODULE JAPANESE C500-CPU11-EV1CV500--CN Cable Bus Connecting Cable Used to join two Hard Disk Units CV500-CN116 C500-CE243. Model : C500-LK201-EV1.
RS-232C/RS-422.Model : C500-LK203.

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