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Pro-face uses industrial computers to adapt to changes in production
Article source: Pro-face China International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Release time: 5-17-2017

Kotobukiya company is a famous Japanese car carpet manufacturer, in order to collect such as production records, data processing and other aspects of the information industrial, Kotobukiya selected Pro-face PL-6920 tablet computer through wireless LAN monitoring industrial changes production, and make full use of these information to expand the production capacity of diversification.


The increasing information of diversified production has overwhelmed our previous hard disk drive changes production Pro-face, and the system upgrade has become more and more urgent.


At Kotobukiya's factory changes production Pro-face, we saw that the assembly lines continued to produce carpets that were large enough to cover the entire chassis. Mr. Hisao Kadoi Pro-face, who is responsible for system improvement, said: "these carpets are not only large, but also thicker than the thickness of the carpet, mainly to prevent noise from the car engine coming into the car."."


Mr Kadoi explained: "because the car carpet is thickening, we need to upgrade the system to get production data.". A thicker carpet means that the number of carpets we send out of the factory is reduced every time, so we need to reduce the number of each production unit accordingly. At the same time, the increase in the range of products requires us to change the mode of production. As a result, we need to build more frequent production lines and reduce the number of units per production."


About 7 years ago, Kotobukiya company installed production information acquisition system of HIP POP of Hitachi company, used to transport production data to the production manager of the computer, such as output, defective information and production line running time. However, as the output of various products varies greatly with the type, the data collected by the HIP POP system increases rapidly, which eventually exceeds the capacity of the hard disk. Because the hard disk can not save the data produced every day, the loss of data has occurred, which prompted Kotobukiya to establish a new information collection system.


"We regret to find that we need a more flexible system that can adapt to changes in production."


Prior to the creation of a new system, Kotobukiya gathered the opinions of each participating producer. Grassroots workers say they need better ways to input data, while management requires better search capabilities to enable more advanced information search with more search conditions. These observations suggest that the new system needs to respond flexibly to changes in production conditions.


The carpet production workshop used to install the system is full of fiber dust, and everyone has to wear a mask. This raises the question of whether multi - purpose PCs can work reliably in this environment. Remember the best selection system had applied to this environment, Mr Kadoi said: "we appreciate the versatility of multi-purpose personal computer, but we know that the system only for factory special can in such an environment of safety work.


Kotobukiya finally chose Pro-face's reliable industrial tablet computer.


Industrial flat panel computers are designed especially for industrial production, so they can withstand some particularly harsh environments, such as chemical fiber dust in the air, and also solve the problem of insufficient capacity of the hard disk. We only need some basic VB knowledge to easily implement our own needs, and even if the production environment changes frequently, the system will still be able to cope with it. After we installed a demo program, we were impressed by the large, clear screen and high-speed processing capabilities of the system, and the production line at the grassroots level was also very popular. These reasons eventually led us to the Pro-face, an industrial tablet computer.

Through constant discussions with the production department, Kotobukiya has established this system, which provides much more detailed information than previously used devices. For example, when production line problems, the operator can as a cause of the error input system to select 35 error code from the pre stored; similarly, a 13 input code can also be used to determine the cause of the production line. The system can be detailed, real-time transmission of information to the manager of the computer, such as before the system can not only display the problems of the production line, but also can provide detailed reasons for these problems, therefore, the operator can take timely and appropriate actions to correct.


Add functionality to further improve system performance and move forward to better information delivery.


Kotobukiya has built a wireless LAN to better exploit the effectiveness of the system. "On some production lines, we change our layout two to three times a day," Mr. Kadoi said. So, canceling all the cables saves us a lot of rewiring time. Wireless LANs are very effective at this point. In the future, we will also add a notice function to the screen used by the workers on the production line, and further modify the system so that the operator can see the production process graphically displayed." Kotobukiya also plans to expand the capabilities of the system in receiving and transmitting information. In short, Kotobukiya has high hopes for the diverse capabilities and flexibility of these industrial tablet computers.



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