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The application of Pro-face GP in pharmaceutical manufacturers Research Center
Article source: Pro-face China International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Release time: 9-11-2017
Even in a laboratory that has strict requirements for air-conditioning control systems, GP can work with ease.
Here GP, we will talk about the application of Pro-face's GP in the pharmaceutical manufacturers research center. The whole building has a myriad of laboratories equipped with sophisticated equipment. "We have used all of our air-conditioning control technology to create all types of environments GP pharmaceutical manufacturers application, including offices pharmaceutical manufacturers application, businesses pharmaceutical manufacturers application, and public places. However, the highest requirements for environmental control are medical equipment and laboratories. These sites must have stable environmental conditions to ensure accurate experimental results. Especially the extremely accurate control of indoor temperature and air pressure.
Of course, this is not just a matter of achieving professional air-conditioning skills. To install these devices, you must know everything else, such as the overall structure and design of the room. In other words, you have to be able to control everything in the room. The installation of an GP touch screen at the entrance to each room meets all the requirements.
Each room is equipped with a GP to strengthen the centralized monitoring operation of the data acquisition system.
The main reason why we chose GP-2500T was because it strengthened our control system and provided us with more precise air-conditioning control. We install a GP at the entrance to each room and connect it to that room to control the temperature, humidity, air pressure, airflow, brightness, and other factors that control the PLC. With a glance at the GP without having to open the door, we can detect all the conditions in the room and, most probably, maintain the stability of the room conditions.
The GP units in each room are also connected to the PC of the main control room via Ethernet, so that we can track room conditions in real time, such as temperature, air pressure, etc.. For example, if a room door opens, there will be an alarm to remind us that it minimizes the extent of our interruptions and greatly advances the level of Laboratory environmental control.
The information platform system enables the cleaning room to flow smoothly.
The GP unit creates an information platform for the user. When we have something to inform the lab staff, we usually use an office phone or a mobile phone in the light of the emergency. In a room controlled by air pressure, the phone rings are hard to hear, and the area of the office telephone is limited. In this case, no one will have a big problem near the phone. We also have only one mobile phone number, and ordinary mobile phones must be carefully sterilized before they are brought in.
Clean room
A room that controls air pollutants by strictly restricting the flow of suspended particles.
"Finally, we had to wait until someone left the lab, which greatly delayed the exchange of information. If we only have to contact a person, we can finally contact, but when we need to contact several people at the same time, we have to find a more effective way. A suggestion that a client uses a display device equipped with an information system to send text messages reminds us.
Disinfection equipment
The device uses UV rays and other methods to remove all bacteria from the items that are brought into the cleaning room. He's like a door between the interior and the outside.
Now, the company can send up to 300 characters to any GP at once, and not just from the main control room, but any PC on the network can be sent. There is only one way to transmit information, that is GP's "information platform", but the sender by state information ("read" or "unread") to distinguish information has not been read, so as to prevent missing information.
When everyone is able to use the system, the possibility of communication continues to rise.
Since GP is often used instead of monitoring units, not only system administrators but also many other people want to use them.


From this case, we can see that the implantation of new concepts can make these systems as more effective channels for information exchange and ensure timely access to information. The key is how to improve your communication through the use of GP.

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