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Ttsf won the 2017 SIEMENS DF MC new product V90 Ruijin Award
Article source: Beijing ttsf Technology Co., Ltd. Release time: 9-12-2017


Beijing ttsf Technology Co., Ltd. on September 7, 2017 -8 2017 "SIEMENS DF MC new product release and distributor management conference" held in Suzhou Ruijin Award, Shangri-La Ruijin Award, the General Assembly invited the leadership of SIEMENS group, SIEMENS GMC core distributors SIEMENS , and each big media industry gathered. Beijing ttsf Technology Co. SIEMENS , Ltd. as a strategic partner of SIEMENS was invited to attend the meeting.


On the first day of the conference SIEMENS , led by SIEMENS, he grandly presented the main character of the conference, a new member of SIEMENS - "SINAMICS G120C PE"". SIEMENS experts through the G120C PE application environment and innovative technology for SINAMICS G120C PE conducted a comprehensive analysis and share. SINAMICS G120C PE is successfully developed, not only to bring a new visual experience for us, at the same time, SIEMENS product innovation and iteration, gave all distributors for confidence GMC business promotion, we firmly believe that the SIEMENS GMC business in the future will be better!


The second day of the conference, the outstanding achievements of SIEMENS GMC group experts summed up the 16/17 fiscal year, SIEMENS's GMC business in China made and the insufficiency, and the future trends of the industry 4, how to deal with the future development of the market, how to lead the industry in the future direction of GMC business in the future is facing enormous challenges put forward new policies and new directions!


At the presentation session of the general assembly, Beijing ttsf Technology Co. Ltd. with a significant achievement for SIEMENS's GMC business in the 16/17 fiscal year, SIEMENS won the 16/17 V90 Award for fiscal year ruijin. Over the past decade, ttsf and SIEMENS together, the success of SIEMENS's GMC business successfully applied in the automotive, packaging, printing, pharmaceutical, machine tools, water and heat, municipal transportation, material transport, new energy and energy saving and environmental protection, electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, automobile, lifting, etc., innovation and development of the remote monitoring communication and data analysis software and hardware and digital factory system solutions, and on this basis, and promote the development of SIEMENS PLM and MES software business and independent intelligent manufacturing and business product hardware and software solutions, SIEMENS won the praise of customers and. The future, ttsf will sum up the deficiencies of the past, to fine of Wuhu, set the new fiscal year plan for fiscal year 17/18 GMC to strive for further improvement. We have always believed that with our joint efforts, SIEMENS's GMC business will be bigger and stronger in the future!

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