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Smart living connection, the future of OMRON unveiled 2017 Wuxi Expo
Article source: OMRON automation (China) Co., Ltd. Release time: 9-11-2017

September 10, 2017 to 13, Jiangsu Wuxi Taihu International Exhibition Center grand occasion, 2017 World Internet Expo held here the global convergence of the latest wave of IOT technology elements living connection, and a better vision for the future of the world. Fit for this session of the General Assembly "IOT world living connection OMRON, create the future" theme OMRON, including OMRON agricultural automation and standardization of MMC metabolic disease management OMRON, mobile robot, face recognition, environmental sensors and other leading products and solutions, to fully display the "innovation demands of intelligent technology to change life".


At present, the global Internet of things technology and applications have entered a highly active period. The 2016-2017 annual report on the development of the Internet of things in China shows that about 5 million 500 thousand new devices are added to the Internet of things every day. By the end of 2016, the number of connections to the Internet of things has reached 6 billion 400 million, an increase of 30% over the previous year. As one of the two core technologies of IOT industry chain, upgrade innovative sensor technology is the leading force to promote change in the industry, while the dominance of OMRON in the field and the practice of excellence, will inject unlimited energy for industrial development.


OMRON booth at the fair of the "Home Furnishing wisdom living museum", classified display and daily work and life are closely related to the achievement of science and technology, from agriculture to health, from life to Home Furnishing intelligent robot technology, OMRON picture depicted is affecting more people, let the light of humanity science and technology continue to bloom.


Safe and secure, the strongest brain for agricultural equipment

With the leading sensor technology and control technology, OMRON has created a new agricultural production system with a new look. The exhibition, has been successfully applied to crops cultivation temperature and humidity sensors, soil moisture sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, light sensors, Harmony control cabinet, all show in front of the audience, and the multimedia equipment about OMRON out of the ordinary agricultural wisdom.


With a full range of environmental control systems, OMRON can help agricultural producers easily obtain stable quality and output, and significantly increase revenue. At the same time, the system can give full play to the growth of the crop itself, and do not rely on fertilizers, pesticides and harvest safety, peace of mind healthy delicious. In July this year, a total investment of 50 million yuan of OMRON intelligent agricultural industrial park officially settled in Wuxi District of Xishan, the Internet of things for agriculture to promote the establishment of a model.


Guarding the health provides a powerful barrier to disease

In the national MMC (standardized metabolic disease management center) in the construction process, OMRON contributed much. The exhibition site, OMRON medical finalists MMC hardware appeared together, including arteriosclerosis detection device, ultrasonic detection device, visceral fat weight and height instrument, fundus camera, medical electronic sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, the audience through the OMRON medical products a high standard of professional health, accurate data, to feel the future disease prevention and treatment convenient and efficient.

Currently, OMRON is helping out the MMC is accelerating the layout of the country, there are 59 hospitals to join, of which 14 have been inaugurated. With unified standard and one-stop diagnosis and treatment characteristic, MMC can provide high quality, reliable and humanistic standard service for patients, and escort for health.


Labor liberation brings precision and efficiency to the factory

According to the industry, OMRON's unique i-Automation concept! Create different functions in the production line robot, showing excellent results in OMRON automation, unmanned factory construction, such as man-machine collaboration.


Smart devices add interesting technology to life

In the field of production, manufacturing and health, OMRON's intelligent technology has penetrated into many aspects of life. Powerful mirror interactive devices, small portable environmental sensors, MEMS non-contact sensors, met with the public at this fair, attracted widespread attention.

Under the networking industry booming trend, OMRON will focus on "Sensing&Control+Think" technology to carry forward, to inject more vitality into the industrial automation, electronic components, health care, automotive electronics and other fields, and create a better future for mankind.



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