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Research and control gorgeous appearance 2017 twelfth India International Automation Exhibition
Article source: Release time: 9-12-2017


Mumbai, known as India's "gateway to the west", recently ushered in a large-scale exhibition of automation -- the twelfth India International Automation Exhibition in 2017". Since the India Mumbai International Automation Exhibition was successfully held in 2002 Research and control India, its scale has expanded each year Research and control India Exhibition, is the first large-scale exhibition of professional automation India Exhibition, has a wide range of professional international exhibitors and visitors Exhibition, exhibitors get professional acclaim, India is the most important industry in the largest international automation exhibition.


For many professionals, India International Automation Exhibition is not only a high-quality exhibition of advanced science and technology to the outside of the home, it is a "art" automation automation experience the charm of the stage, gathered around the world, leading exhibitors wonderful, full automation of "art", to provide a mutual exchange, mutual learning the platform for the industry.


Such a grand meeting, of course, is one of the representatives of the field of motion control in our country, namely, research and control. The bus carrying Yankong across the sea, stepping drive series, digital closed loop stepper drives, stepper drive and AC servo driver products such as heavy exhibition. More than ten years of eventful years, Yankong in motion control field has remained the leading technology and quality services by domestic users trust and favor.


Compared with the bus stepping driver series, the pulse control mode can greatly reduce the control cost. In the exhibition site, visitors to the Yankong show MODBUS/CANopen Fieldbus control. Its isolation design ensures stable and reliable communication, intelligent motion control system and programmable motion control mode. In addition, its input / output interface enables a wide range of applications, and 100% is compatible with traditional drive performance.


At present, research control bus control system has been widely used in high torque, high dynamic response and high speed applications, such as robots, industrial machinery hand / arm, woodworking engraving machine, laser cutting / welding, marking machine, CNC machine tools, all kinds of packaging equipment, assembly equipment, sewing machines, embroidery machines, winding line machine.


Ykkj-tech always at every exhibition for the industry to bring a different kind of experience, share technology and equipment are the most advanced, at the same time in the exhibition with the professionals to do the most fully explain for visitors, with the most sincere heart to do communication with the most profound and every industry, every one visitors are on their debut in the next show is full of expectations.

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