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Read the four way, BRIC time
Article source: Shenzhen Sifang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. Release time: 9-11-2017

September 3rd -5, the ninth meeting of BRICs leaders held in Fujian, Xiamen, the BRIC countries second gold ten years"

In 2001 BRICs meeting , Goldman Sachs economist O'neal first brought the word "BRICs" into view. The BRIC countries (BRICS) originally referred to Brazil BRICs meeting , Russia, India and China. In December 2010, the four countries formally adopted the mechanism of South African accession on the basis of consensus. What makes these countries with different national conditions and different patterns of development come together?


The five emerging countries, which are listed together, have a totally different pattern of development. China is known as the "world factory", Brazil is an important "raw material base", Russia is a "energy power", India is "world office", and later joined South Africa is "Africa's resource pool."". However, in the final tide of the times, the BRICs came together and chose cooperation and integration.


The total population of the five countries account for 42.6% of the world, accounting for 1/3 of the world's land area. In today's world economic landscape, it occupies a very important position and will continue to be an important engine of global economic growth for the next 10 years.


In the post crisis era today, the BRIC conference reflects the rise of emerging economies represented by BRICs, which, for businesses, contain enormous opportunities for development. In the rising tide of "going out", Chinese enterprises have opened up the BRICs market to become a very brisk sight. With the BRICs cooperation mechanism through 10 years, the Quartet in the BRIC countries plowing pace is also more and more far-reaching.


Quartet electric and BRIC countries have a long history. This issue is a brief introduction to the fetters of the Quartet and the brics.



The Quartet in history to explore the edge of South America has long had earlier been participating in Chile in Santiago power grid, and Latin American International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition and international energy exhibition in Latin America, and early in the show as a platform, expand the brand influence Quartet in Latin American countries. In recent years the overseas visit, Brazil station is the important site of four overseas business, four overseas business staff participated in the St Paul international machinery and industrial products exhibition of the exhibition research, but also with the opportunity to visit the local customers.



If Brazil is an important site for overseas visits every year, Russia can be said to be a must. In recent years, the Quartet has taken root in the Russian market and achieved initial success. The scale and quantity of the agents have been expanding, and a huge distribution network has been set up around the central Russian city, serving the whole of Russia and other parts of central europe. In the course of development, Sifang electric company has constantly improved its localization management mode and has deep roots in the local market. It is this close to the development of local ideas, creating a quartet of products in Russia's best-selling.



Similar to Latin America, the Quartet's development in India is also through the exhibition intervention. With the "world office" as its name, India's economic growth in recent years has soared, even surpassing China in 2015, becoming the fastest growing emerging economy in the world. Last year, Sifang electric was invited to India by customers, mainly to help customers solve technical problems and train local agents and customers.



Four weeks into the African market, the layout began in North Africa, Morocco, Egypt, there have been four people left footprints. In 2015, South Africa's "Chinese year", the further development of Chinese relations with South Africa, with rapid development of relations between China and South Africa trend, soon have customers in South Africa to Shenzhen, signed agency agreements with four electrical, electrical products in South Africa since the Quartet from Johannesburg to promote the work of local agents full expansion.


We are well aware of all the regional standards and standards in the world. We are also deeply aware that we must take root in the local market, understand customers and be able to integrate into the local environment so as to win the fierce competition in the market.

The big wheel of time is still spinning, and the pinion is still running. We look forward to meeting you at any corner of the globe in the future.


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