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LEEG single crystal silicon pressure transmitter Chinese brand day
Article source: Shanghai leeg Instrument Co. Ltd. Release time: 5-11-2017

In May 10, 2017, ushered in the first day of Chinese brand, has been the establishment of a domestic industry type pressure transmitter is LEEG silicon pressure transmitter team goal LEEG transmitter , we through a new generation of silicon technology and patent packaging technology LEEG transmitter , high performance industrial type pressure transmitter carefully developed an international leading technology, the silicon pressure the metal sensor is located at the top of the body, away from the medium contact surface, mechanical isolation and thermal isolation, sensor wire glass sintering development to achieve high strength electrical and metal matrix insulation, high performance and flexible electronic circuit high voltage transient protection ability, these unique silicon pressure sensor packaging technology to ensure that the LEEG single crystal silicon pressure transmitter can be extreme situations and take time for chemical mechanical load, and has strong anti electricity Magnetic interference capability, sufficient to cope with the harsh process industry petrochemical field applications, is deeply trusted by the pressure transmitter. transmitter.jpg

LEEG silicon pressure transducer through quality to enhance leading domestic pressure transmitter on the quality of the road, also hope that with the domestic pressure transmitter manufacturers together with the quality development of global market, May 10th is the China brand, is also the brand on LEEG silicon pressure transducer.


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