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OMRON E2B-S08KS01-MC-B2 datasheet PDF
Product model: E2B-S08KS01-MC-B2
Name: Proximity Sensors
Brand: OMRON
Sort: PDF datasheet
File language: English
Control output 1: relay output.
Auxiliary output: 2 points.
Communication mode: RS-485.
Heater break: 1.
Event input: -.
Power supply voltage: 100 ~ 240VAC.
Resistance to environmental performance of the industry leader.
Sulfide gas, dust, condensation of the corresponding.
Environment specific temperature controller E2B-S08KS01-MC-B2 PDF.
Temperature control performance outstanding.
High contrast display screen E2B-S08KS01-MC-B2
Set simple, easy to operate. Appearance: M18.
Sensing distance: 10 mm.
Connection method: M12 Connector Models .
Cable specifications: --.
Operation mode : NO .
Pin arrangement: (3, 4): (AC, AC).
Applicable connector code: E.
Your Search for Proximity Sensors.
Starts with the World-leading E2B-S08KS01-MC-B2 PDF.
Performance and Quality of the E2E.
Standard Sensors for detecting ferrous metals.
Wide array of variations. Ideal for a variety of applications.
Models with different frequencies are also available to prevent,
mutual interference.
Superior environment resistance with standard cable made of oil,
resistant PVC and sensing surface made of material that resists,
cutting oil.
Useful to help prevent disconnection E2B-S08KS01-MC-B2 PDF.
Cable protector provided as a standard feature. Control output 1: Voltage output.
Auxiliary output: Two.
Communications: --.
Heater burnout: --.
Event inputs: --.
Power supply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC.
Large White PV Display That’s Easier to Read.
Easy to Use, from Model Selection to,
Setup and Operation.
A Complete Range of I/O Capacities,
Functions, and Performance.
Handles More Applications.
The white PV display with a height of 15.2 mm improves visibility.
High-speed sampling at 50 ms.
Short body with depth of only 60 mm.
Easy connections to a PLC with programless communications.
Use component communications to link Temperature.
Controllers to each other. Type: 3 wire, shielded.
Shape: M5.
Detection range: 1mm.
Connection mode: lead type (2m).
Wire specification: PVC (oil resistant).
Action mode NC.
NPN output.
Proximity sensors for preferred worlld top performance and quality E2B-S08KS01-MC-B2 datasheet.
Standard type of magnetic metal detection.
Rich variety.
According to the conditions to choose the most suitable models.
Anti interference function of different frequency range models.
Has excellent environmental performance E2B-S08KS01-MC-B2 datasheet.
Standard wire material for oil resistant PVC.
Test face using cutting oil material.
Standard wire jacket.
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